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Pet cots are strong, hammock-style dog beds which your dog, cat, or other pet will absolutely love resting on. These cots stand more than six inches off the floor and let fresh air circulate underneath your pet while elevating them off of uncomfortable surfaces that are hot, cold, or hard. Fade-resistant, breathable mesh fabric is attached hammock-style to four metal legs, and lets fresh air circulate underneath your dog or cat, keeping them at a comfortable temperature. Aging pets and pets with mobility or joint issues benefit from resting on pet cots too, and they won’t have trouble climbing on or off.

Allergens and pet dander won’t accumulate on the mesh fabric, and pet cots are flea and mite resistant too. Pet cots are light-weight, and can easily be moved from your living room to your outside deck, and you can leave it outside without a worry because they are mold and mildew resistant. Pet cots are easy to clean; just hand-wash with mild soap and let them air dry.


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  • Espresso
  • Forest
  • Deep Blue

Size and Dimensions:

  • Extra Small – 31.5” x 22.25” x 6” (sleep surface: 23.7” x 21.5”)

  • Small – 35.5” x 25.25” x 6” (sleep surface: 27.5” x 24.5”)

  • Medium – 43.25” x 32.25” x 6.75” (sleep surface: 35.25” x 31.5”)

  • Large – 52" x 36.25" x 7.5" (sleep surface: 35.5" x 43")

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