FurHaven Pet Products Frequently Asked Questions


My product is defective, what should I do?

We are so sorry to hear that you received a defective product. We want to make this right as fast as possible. If you can please call our customer service line at: 1-888-459-2337 we will make it right. Our goal is to have satisfied happy customers and will do our utmost to provide you with a replacement or refund.


What size bed should I buy for my dog?

Please see the sofa bed and deluxe mattress sizing chart below for an idea of what dog breeds fit best in which beds. Each product page will have a sizing chart or bed dimensions to help you determine the appropriate size. Please keep in mind that this is just to give you an estimate based on average height and weight of said breeds. It also depends on the dog’s size and personality. If your pup likes to sprawl out when they relax we suggest going with a larger size bed. If your dog enjoys curling into a small ball while sleeping you would be fine with the current size you think would fit your pet. We always suggest sizing up if you are worried your pet won’t fit in their bed.



How do I wash the item?

The covers to our pet beds are machine washable whereas the insert cores and bolsters are not. We suggest unzipping the item & shaking the cover to get rid of any loose debris before throwing it in the wash. Wash on a gentle cold cycle. Once finished, the cover can be put in the dryer on a low low heat, however, we suggest air drying the item to prolong its life.

If the foam gets soiled, we suggest hand washing it with a mild detergent solution (detergent & water), if the pup has an accident, we suggest mixing white vinegar with water and dabbing the item with that solution first to get rid of the urine smell and then using the detergent solution to help with the stain. DO NOT SATURATE THE FOAM, AND ALLOW IT TO FULLY AIR DRY BEFORE PLACING THE COVER BACK ON.

To clean Tiger Tough cat scratchers/playgrounds we suggest spot treating with water and mild detergent.


Are the covers removable?

Yes! 99% of our pet beds have a removable cover for washing. There is a zipper for easy removal of the mattress core that wraps around two sides of the beds. This can vary per model of pet bed.


Can you purchase faster shipping?

Our sincerest apologies as faster shipping cannot be purchased at this time. We ship our items via FedEx Smartpost, what that means is the item starts out in transit with FedEx and as it reaches a city near the customer, the package is transferred off to the local post office for delivery.


Are replacement posts/parts available for Tiger Toughs?

Replacement parts for cat trees is very minimal, so we encourage customers to reach out to our customer service ( with all/any inquiries regarding replacement parts.


Are the dog beds waterproof? Do you make anything water proof?

Our pet beds are not waterproof, they feature a water-resistant base (depending on the model). We feature a few Deluxe Mattresses that come in an indoor/outdoor style which is made from Polycanvas. Polycanvas can resist the penetration of water up to a certain degree but is not fully waterproof.


Are your beds chew resistant?

No, our items are not for unsupervised use by animals with chewing behaviors.


How do you return the items?

Returns vary depending on the site the original purchase was made. Some examples of sites include Wal-Mart, Overstock, Amazon, FurHaven, and Groupon. Because of this, purchases must be verified before returns are authorized and items sent back. You can reach out to customer service via email ( or here for assistance regarding returns.