Cat Ladder Playground - Floor to Ceiling


Your cat will love the FurHaven Tiger Tough Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Ladder Playground! This cat tree features five levels to play on, and includes a soft hammock perch, cat ladder, and a spring-y ball wand toy.

The bottom base is large and sturdy, and an adjustable spring brace at the top attaches against your ceiling (up to 10’6”) to keep this cat furniture stable and secure. Your cat or kitten will love climbing up the cat ladder to play on the three cat shelves, and when ready to rest, they can cuddle up on fourth shelf at the top which is a soft cat hammock! This cat furniture is covered in a durable attractive fabric, and has posts covered in sisal rope for their scratching enjoyment and cat-scratch training.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Ladder Playground is easy to clean by spot-washing with a damp cloth and vacuuming it when needed.

We recommend a maximum weight capacity of 18 lbs (8 kgs) for the Tiger Tough Cat trees. For cats at or near that threshold, there are some designs that may be a better fit because of platform size, post height and hangout/house size. Recommended designs would include: Platform House, Home Base Playground, Skyscraper Playground, Clubhouse Playground. We strongly recommend large cat and/or multi-cat households to place the unit near a wall for increased safety. For even greater security, webbing furniture straps may be purchased from your local home improvement center and used to secure the cat tree to the wall or other stable object.

Assembled Dimensions:

  • 114 ~ 127” Tall x 23.6” Wide x 15.75” Deep


swatch-tigertough-brown-whiteborder.jpg swatch-tigertough-cream-whiteborder.jpg swatch-tigertough-gray-whiteborder.jpg
Brown Cream Gray


24.00 (in)
7.90 (in)
16.50 (in)
Built-In Accessories:
Built-In Accessories:
Scratching Post(s)
Built-In Accessories:
Spring-y Ball Wand