Highrise Playground

$98.99 - $154.99

Great for homes with multiple cats, the Tiger Tough Highrise Playground is packed with all sorts of fun and entertainment! With six sisal scratching posts, three cat toys, and a cozy cat bed, your cat will have a hard time deciding where to start! From the Cat-IQ Busy Box located on the sturdy base, to the spring-y plus ball at the top, your cat will love to climb and play all day! When your kitty gets worn out, they can snuggle into the cozy cat house for a quick catnap. For playful pairs, the first platform has a square opening which is great for cats who like to battle each other.


  • Cream
  • Gray

Dimensions: 23.6" x 19.7" x 69"

19.70 (in)
69.00 (in)
23.60 (in)