Introducing our New Ball Beds!

Introducing our New Ball Beds!

Aug 21st 2018

Does your pet like to "fluff" their bed before they lay down? Or "nest" into it? Then they might just love the newest FurHaven Pet Products bed! Meet the Plush Ball Pet Bed . 

Furhaven Ball Beds feature a Plush Faux Fur cover that is soft on paws and noses and provides luxurious comfort for your dog or cat. Specially designed for “nesters” - the stretchy interior liner allows your pet to shape the bed, providing maximum flexibility and comfort to meet their sleep needs! 

The nesting “ball” is formed with six equal sided panels that is easily squished and formed to fit any area where extra comfort is needed. Each bed is generously stuffed with insulating, high-loft 100% polyester fiber spun from recycled plastics. Zippered design with machine washable fabrics ensures you can simply zip off the cover for quick clean-ups. Need a deeper clean? Our liner material is washable too! With a long-lasting design, the woven liner is zippered and also refillable! Add more fiber as needed or switch to any filling that works for you – old clothes, shredded foam, beanbag beads, etc.

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