Plush Blanket Accessory for Pet Cot

$12.99 - $20.99

If your pet loves their FurHaven Elevated Pet Cot, then treat them with a Plush Blanket Accessory! The blanket helps to create a warmer, softer sleep surface for your pet. The blanket attaches with fabric straps that tie around each cot leg for quick and easy installation. Not only will the plush blanket provide a more cozy sleep surface for your loved one, but it also blocks cold air that circulates under the elevated cot. The blanket has a large, zippered pocket so you can insert additional padding or a FurHaven Thermapup pad to increase your pet’s warmth while they rest. Easy to clean, FurHaven Cot Blankets can be machine washed. Simply untie the fabric straps and follow wash instructions closely for a fresh and clean blanket.

Colors: Espresso, Silver Gray

Sizes and Dimensions:

  • Extra Small: 22" x 24" x 0.2" 
    • Fit for an Extra Small Pet Cot
  • Small: 25" x 28" x 0.2" 
    • Fit for a Small Pet Cot
  • Medium: 32" x 36" x 0.2" 
    • Fit for a Medium Pet Cot
  • Large: 36" x 44" x 0.2"
    • Fit for a Large Pet Cot