Self-Warming Convertible Cuddle Pet Mat & Bed


Fluffy, fun and foldable, the FurHaven™ Cozy Convertible Cuddle Mat is four beds in one. Featuring a simple system of buttons and elastic loops, you can configure the bed to be a cuddly “nest,” a soft “couch,” a comfy “canoe” or a plush “mat” bed. Whichever way you choose, your pet will enjoy the cozy comfort of the bed’s self-warming core. Insulating fabric with a soft, reflective surface sends your pet’s natural body heat back to create a luxuriously warm sleep experience. Deep, faux fur fabric sleep panel is soft on paws and noses. Suedine fabric is a lustrous base (or exterior) and can also be an alternate sleep panel on warmer days. This soft design bends to any shape like a lovely, fuzzy blanket and is fully machine washable.


  • Lay Flat:
    • Small: 23.5” x 20”
    • Large: 35.5” x 30”
  • Nest:
    • Small: 15" x 13" -- Wall Height: 5"
    • Large: 18" x 15" -- Wall Height: 8"

Configuration options:

  • “Nest” – Secure both elastic loops to nearest button on each short side to form soft “walls” on all sides. Fold “ears” (extra fabric) into bed to create corners.
  • “Couch” – Secure one elastic loop to nearest button on left short side. Along the same long edge, secure the other elastic loop to the nearest button on the right short side so that the long edge forms a soft back “wall”. Fold “ears” (extra fabric) into bed to create soft curve to the back “wall”.
  • “Canoe” – Secure one elastic loop to nearest button on left short side. On the right short side, select the diagonally opposite elastic loop and secure to the button on the right short side to create a long “canoe” shape. Fold “ears” (extra fabric) into the “canoe”.
  • “Mat” – Do not use elastic loops or buttons.


Care Instructions: Unbutton as needed and shake debris from cuddle bed. Wash on cold; delicate cycle. For best results, please use a mesh laundry bag when washing. Line dry. Fluff (no heat) in dryer if desired.


Sleep Surface:
Plush / Faux Fur