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FurHaven Pet Products is excited to announce the launch of the Tails of Joy program. FurHaven’s Tails of Joy program will be matching every bed bought on their site bought with discount code JOY40 by donating one to Seattle Humane Society. This equates to 40% savings on a pet bed purchase for the customer, and a brand-new pet bed donated for each purchase. The goal of this program is to provide warmth and comfort for animals who have none.

Tails of Joy program will match every bed bought with a bed donated to an animal shelter

At FurHaven, we believe all pets deserve to feel safe and secure in their bed. Whether it’s in their family home, or while waiting for their furever family to find them in the shelter. By matching these bed purchases FurHaven Pet Products will be able to help those animals who need some extra love during a stressful time in their lives.

We want to give our customers a way to give back while caring for their pooch. Tails of Joy allows us to do this while providing quality products for our consumers and animal shelters. So shop for your dog, and feel good knowing that we’ll then shop for dogs in need. Every bed counts, and every bed makes a difference.




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