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No matter what your style or budget, FurHaven makes a NAP Pet Bed that will fit your pet perfectly.  We have expanded our line of Orthopedic Convolute ("egg-crate") and Memory Foam Mattress Beds to over 100 SKUs providing you with the colors, patterns and prices you want and need.  Choose from Deluxe Orthopedic Mattresses with DEEPER foams and superior comfort or our simple Orthopedic Mattress line for affordable, "where you need it" padding.  

Visit our interactive catalog and see how an one of these plush and supportive beds can provide your furry best friend with the superior comfort and restful sleep they deserve!  

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Whether your pet is the circle-around-three-times-before-flopping-down kind or the sprawl-on-my-back-with-my-feet-straight-up-in-the-air kind, NAP™ Pet Beds has the perfect bed.

From snuggly terry and microsuede pillows to fur-trimmed caves, cozy plush cups to wild animal print hoods —in more sizes, fabrics, and colors than you could dream up during a cat nap of your own—we have a high-quality, affordable bed to complement your style.

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Is your pet ready to curl up for his dream nap? Follow our lead and we’ll high-tail it to the best places for you to find NAP Pet Beds.  

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Born to be a STAR? 

Got a great shot of your snuggle-bug looking cozy on a NAP bed?  Tiger looking tough on one of our Playgrounds?  Is your pet born to be a star?  We want to share your furbaby's pic with the world!  Submit your photo here!  (And be sure to include your pet's name for proper street cred!!)